Presentation Materials Archive

This page is a listing of archived materials presented as part of my active work in digital curation and outreach to participating communities:


  • April 24, 2016 – Preserving Your Digital Life (with Krista White, Digital Humanities Librarian, Rutgers University Libraries)
    Presentation sponsored by the Association for the Library Collection & Technical Services. Our stories as individuals and as members of a community are preserved in each of our homes, in our family histories, and in life stories—not just in libraries, archives, and museums. Today, many of us record and keep these stories in digital formats, often on our smartphones. The ability to easily create audio and video recordings leads to deep and rich documentation of events that may be personally important but may also have regional or national significance. Preserving these narratives for our families and for future generations means considering how we create the files and how we store them. This presentation will help people get started by answering the question: What steps can we take now to make the ensure the best possibility of retaining these important files into the future?




  • November 4, 2010 – AMIA/IASA 2010 • Wrappers and Codecs: A Survey of Selection Strategies
    A discussion of digital preservation container formats and codecs used by a few leading organizations on this front, including Library of Congress and Stanford University. Organized by Chris Lacinack of Media Preservation Solutions, and co-presented alongside Carl Fleischhauer of LoC and Hannah Frost at Stanford.




The following presentations are older, and may reference specifications that require updating to reflect advances, learned lessons and present technologies.  Still, some of the information remains useful, and of course, these materials also have some historical significance.

  • A Brief Overview of Digitizing Techniques. Introductory slide show that accompanied a daylong “bootcamp” for librarians, archivists and curators who were just getting involved in digitziation for the first time.  Presented October 2006.
  • Digital imaging Basics and Standards (PDF).  A primer for digitization policies, one of the first documents created as part of our digital repository initiative at Rutgers University Libraries.  Hardware specs require updating.

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